Cost of services:

interpreter italian/russian/english languages            


shopping assistance 


transfer from Airport to Milan


Seravalle outlet 


Fox Town outlet


Fidenza Village outlet


Full day of support by car within 150 km


wholesale purchases of clothes, handbags, accessories and fabrics "Made in Italy"


Italian fur coats tour


sightseeing tours in Milan, Como, Verona


Tasting - winery tours



30 euro/h / min. 4 hours a day


30 euro/h / min 4 hours a day


80 euro


250 euro/full day


230 euro/full day


250 euro/full day


от 250 euro


от 120 euro


100 euro/6 hours


от 150 euro


от 200 euro

   We will be glad to create for you an individual program of holiday, respecting all your wishes. Tell us about your amazing dreams or describe How looks the best holiday tour in Milan - and we will do our best to turn them into reality! To order services and more information, use the form below.

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